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NANO REVOLT - micro graffitis (3 of 3) 20 pics  /  16-11-2011 /

These funny few marginalized guys really represent 6.7 billion people? They truly represent 99% of the world's population? Then let me participate in my turn, my way, to this gigantic movement by putting my micro graffiti here, here, here, here and there /// Cette poingée de marginaux représente vraiment 6,7 milliards de personnes? Ils  représentent vraiment 99% de la population mondiale? Alors permettez-moi donc de participer à mon tour, ma manière, à ce gigantesque mouvement en apposant mes micro graffitis par-ci, par-là.

Here, i must say special thanks to bill, that took my project really seriously and agreed, along with hila, to take the pic.
photo Simon Pierre Bosset, merci pour tes contacts cireux...

When you see it...