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EPOXY TABLE - how to (9 pics)  /  07-11-2011 /

Now, you can make your own! kidding. It took time, effort and a lot of re-do to achieve the table. Note my super-technologic lab, it was a breeze! blague à part, the whole process mixed steel, plastic, welding, powder coating, and so on = project i like to do.

J'ai coupé l'acier précisement, les tubes vont devenir les pattes. The square tubes will be sandblasted and powdercoated. Note that the early fitting was done "by eye"

The table top is near ready. It was grinded and sanded to avoid excessive variation of height. Nothing keeps them together.

J'ai installé des murs de bois et plastique afin de pouvoir couler l'epoxy dans ce "moule". Parfaitement à niveau, le résultat est plus que satisfaisant /// using wood as mold, it was then possible to pour liquid epoxy, achieving a perfect mirror surface.

T is for Trivet. B is for Buvette  ;)